Sunday, May 23, 2010


Cream (NOT ultra-pasteurized)

This is not technically a food storage recipe since it is made using cream, but it is useful information just the same.

Let cream come to room temperature. (For old fashioned tasting butter, let cream sour before whipping) Whip cream with mixer.

First soft peaks will form. Then it will begin to form stiff peaks.

Finally the butter will congeal and separate from the buttermilk by-product.

Separate milk from butter and place butter in a large bowl.

"Wash" the butter by filling bowl with cold water and kneading the butter in it. When water gets cloudy, drain water and refill. Repeat these steps until the water remains clear. It is important to wash all the buttermilk out or your butter will go rancid quickly.

Return butter to mixer and add salt. Approximately 1 tsp per pound of butter. If you accidentally add too much, repeat washing step. Mix in salt. Store butter in fridge, or in an airtight container on the counter.

For flavored butter, add garlic, or any other seasoning. Buttermilk by-product can be used in recipes or while baking.

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